Every woman is a fan of the classic anarkali style kurti, worn by royalty during the time of the Mughals, by just wearing it makes you feel like a queen.

Recognized for its floor-length style, it is loved by every girl around the country. The style has been revamped and features a whole new twist in the form of branded anarkali kurtis that feature all designer key features like cold shoulders, double-layer kurtis, and many others.

Whether you are searching for wholesale anarkali kurtis in markets like Jaipur, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, or Surat, you will find our products as we supply and distribute to retailers across India. For retail businesses, we offer our designer kurtis at discounted wholesale rates making it a convenient partnership that benefits both sides.


Our team of experts put very hard work to make sure every long anarkali kurti catalog on our website features designs that are worthy enough to be there. Every catalog consists of a group of 3-10 items that vary in color and the design also, each outfit is unique and a great addition to your wardrobe. Whether you are a girl or woman who likes simple solid color kurtis or you are a fashionista that needs the latest designer anarkali kurti designs, you will find them all here.

Fabric we use

Readymade Anarkali kurtis can be grouped based on the type of fabric used to make them, this makes it easier for our customers to select a product based on the fabric of their choice.

  1. Cotton
    Used since the beginning of civilization, cotton is no stranger to Indian ethnic wear. The reason it is so widely used is due to its desired properties such as lightweight, little care and maintenance, and loose weaving that allows air circulation. Cotton printed anarkali kurtis are a comfort to wear, even in the hottest conditions when you have no other option. Color schemes that look great are light or brighter shades.

  2. Silk
    No need to introduce this fabric, every woman knows this luxurious fabric, and it is the first choice for any high profile event, especially for a wedding that is in the family. Silk is a smooth, shiny fabric that can be easy to style up with accessories. Colors that pop out the most are reds, maroons mixed with a bit of gold or silver. You will mostly see this material at weddings, this is the reason why they are heavily decorated with embroidery or beautiful printed patterns. Together between color and styling, it makes for a most gorgeous outfit.

  3. Georgette
    Looking for something heavy with full decoration? Georgette kurtis are a pleasing sight and even more a pleasure to wear them. Be the talk of the town with sequin designs, beadwork, or intricate mirror work.

  4. Satin
    Satin is a material that has a smooth and shimmery appearance that can be closely compared to silk fabric, they resemble each other so well that they can even be mistaken for each other in some cases. The advantages of satin are that it is much cheaper than silk fabric. Satin kurtis are made heavy with embroidery, beadwork, and netting designs. Need a wedding outfit? Have a look at our catalog for the latest satin kurtis.

Custom Stitching
Want the kurti stitched to your size? No problem we provide this option to all customers, just provide us with your specific body measurements and we can get it done. The best part is we only charge a minimal amount that will not be felt to be expensive. So much time can be saved by opting for custom stitching.

Looking for a long-lasting, quality product that you will be happy with? You have found the right place, here at wholesalethankar we believe in providing our customers with the value for money items.
It is why many customers always come back to us and have trust in our clothing and the price we give.

When shopping for anarkali kurtis online, we know many women have a strict budget that they cannot surpass at any cost. This is no issue and you will find many options in every price bracket, we cater to all no matter the price constraint.

Payment methods
To make sure we cater to the needs of every customer shopping on our website, we provide a wide range of payment methods such as Credit/Debit cards, Visa, Maestro, Master cards, NEFT, Bank transfer, Moneygram, Western Union, PayPal, COD (cash on delivery). With so many options available we are sure you will find one that suits you.

Supplier information
Situated in the textile hub Surat, we are a supplier and manufacturer of women's traditional clothing. We also deal in wholesale sarees, lehenga choli, gowns, dress material, and salwar kameez. Apart from domestic locations we also provide shipping to 42 countries and wish to add new countries to our list in some time.