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If you are looking for women's dress material at wholesale price then you have found the right place. At wholesalethankar india we offer an assortment of dress materials catalog for making a special salwar suit that will be an eye-catching attraction and will leave a lasting impression on the guests. As a major supplier, we are responsible for circulating our stock all over India to cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Chennai.

The dress material contains 3 pieces of material, one is for the blouse, another is for the bottom wear trousers, and the last piece is made from another fabric and is for the dupatta. Each clothing has a specific role in making this iconic outfit look fantastic on any girl who wears it.

Any retailers who are searching for bulk quantities directly from the dress material manufacturers who offer lowest prices. We are a wholesale dress material manufacturer in Surat and supply to cities throughout India. We cater to the needs of all clients domestic and international.


Latest Catalog
Wondering what our catalogs have to offer you? Then, we have all the dress material that are just waiting for you to take your pick and buy them. Buy more than one as our prices are low compared to any other online merchant and are affordable for all. The best part is you can purchase them online from the comfort of your home. If you love Bollywood then you will love our wholesale dress material. Silk, cotton, georgette, or satin are just some of the fabrics that we use for our products. Each catalog varies in number of styles but there are at least 4 styles that are different colours and styles in every catalog.


Fabrics we use

We all know girls love clothing and their wardrobe is just full of clothing made from a variety of materials, this is the main reason we make use of every kind of fibre in the clothing industry to reach a wider audience. All needs will be catered to as we provide an endless supply of options.

  1. Silk
    Need a premium fabric for those auspicious occasions then take silk as there is no other one that comes near the stunning properties of silk. This material has a sensitive role in the Indian culture and is therefore thought of as a prized and honourable thing to own such a lavish item. Once considered as an outfit only for the wealthy, silk material is now affordable for all and is available in every shop.
  2. Georgette
    Every woman must be knowing about this material as it makes you feel feminine and graceful when wearing it. The reason georgette fabric is loved so much is because of its lightweight quality and for the almost transparent light appearance, together they form a successful combination. With embroidery, stonework, or mirror work it makes for a special sight at weddings, parties, or even traditional festivals.
  3. Jacquard
    Looking for something simple yet still ticking the style box, look no further as we have jacquard fabric that is the best choice for you. Jacquard is one such material that covers all this as it does not need any decorating and can be styled by printed images or patterns on the surface of the material. For this reason alone the fabric has become popular and is in demand by young girls and women.
  4. Printed
    A style wanted by all women who wear dresses on a daily basis is printed material, this is also called as digital print as the printed designs are made by a machine and pattern is selected from a computer screen. This machine made creation is affordable for all as it employs little manpower to make. This genius method of production has contributed to its popularity and it is a reasonable clothing option for all women.

Types Of Dress material we have

  1. Cotton dress material
    This fabric is one chosen by every woman because it keeps you cool in the hot summers or outdoor events. Compared to all other fabrics it requires less wash care, it dries fast and in some cases, it does not even need any ironing, this makes it the best on the go outfit for a surprise party. You will find many fancy neck designs for cotton dress materials. The best part of it is that it is the most used fabric and for this same reason it has the cheapest price seen on the market. Generally, this fabric is a wardrobe staple that every woman should have it for those unexpected occasions. It is both a stylish but simple and humble fabric that has been around since the beginning of time, this material will not be going anywhere anytime soon and will be in fashion forever!

  2. Uniform Dress Material
    Want to sew uniforms for your business or employees? We have the widest range of uniform dress materials made up of best quality fabric for making multiple outfits to fit all your needs, that will last a very long time.

  3. Pakistani-Karachi dress material
    Dress material featuring heavy and full embroidered surfaces are best for making Pakistani dresses. A wide range pakistani-karachi dress material with different pastel colors are available to cater to this need. Pair it with a decorated cigarette pants to match it up perfectly.

  4. Churidar dress materialDress materials for all occasions require a perfect partner, which is why churidars are suggested for every woman. Apart from being the obvious fashion choice, they are comfortable due to various perks that come with using cotton material which is the speciality of churidar dress material

  5. Winter clothing dress material
    Don’t want to feel the chills? Checkout our range of winter dress materials made from cotton, and wool to keep you warm all day. Just like summers, winters are unbearable without the right clothing to wear. So do not waste time and get your hands on them now.

Stonework is an olden day method of decorating using small cut pieces of stones and can make for exquisite wedding wear with silk fabric adorned by stones.

Sequins are small colourful round discs that are used to create some pleasing designs that are always current and in fashion.


is not a worry anymore as we give our customers shipping facility. Products when purchased are packaged with good quality packaging materials and you can trust us with your products as we only deal with prestigious courier partners who take great care with the products and deliver them safely and within the time period.

You will find all our dress material at wholesale prices that will benefit both retailers as well as their customers. We are dedicated to providing high-quality products that will last longer and will serve their purpose.

Situated in Surat, we are a leading manufacturer and supplier of women’s ethnic wear. Dress material is a popular women's clothing item that is why we are a single piece dress material at wholesale price distributor who deals in bulk quantities to retailers who sell to the public. We have a majority of shares for the dress material market in Surat, India. Apart from wholesale dress materials we also deal in other wholesale clothing such as women’s sarees, kurtis, salwar kameez, lehenga choli, and gowns. Hence, we give full coverage of traditional wear for ladies.