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Want the best designer ladies western gowns catalog then check our website for the most trendy styles. We also have the widest selection of Indo-western gowns for parties, Western gowns for formal evening events. Check them out and buy them online as for your convenience. Even brides who need an engagement outfit can choose from an array of colours and fabrics to suit your every wish.

Types of Gowns we offer.

  1. Wedding Gown
    Weddings are the most important day for a girl and her outfit is even more important, so to make her look as special as possible make sure you give her the outfit her heart desires. Premium Silk material makes an appearance on most of our wedding celebration range. The smooth and shimmery look makes it a one of a kind outfit that cannot be replaced. Stone embellishing and gold embroidery makes a guest appearance to increase the looks.

  2. Designer Gown
    Our category of designer gowns are made with the finest fabrics and feature the most elegant designs that are known to grace a fabric. To make it suitable for a party or celebration it has to look stylish enough to make heads turn around.

  3. Indo-Western Gown
    As the name suggests these gowns have a western theme added to them, this is in the form of sophisticated cuts and hemlines and involves letting the fabric speak for itself.

Price & Shipping

Retailers looking to get Wholesale ladies gowns at cheap prices can buy from us as we are the leading manufacturer and supplier in Surat. High-quality and efficient delivery has led to a loyal following of clients from around India and the world. As we partner with the best courier companies to make sure that our customers get their products on time.