During the hot summers, every woman will be wanting a cool fabric that allows her body to breathe as well as offer enough stretch so that she can easily do her daily work.

You will be wondering which fabric I am talking about. The answer is cotton fabric, the one fabric that has been used from the beginning of Indian civilization. The key to its success is that it is a light fabric that allows air circulation and driest fast when it is wet. With such properties, there is no wonder why wholesale cotton dress materials have such a demand in the Indian market.

We manufacture cotton printed dress material as it has become very in demand recently throughout India. No matter where you are, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, or Gujarat all roads will lead you to us. Because it is the location of our warehouse, dress materials in Surat have a large market and in turn the latest designs can be found here.

For this reason, our catalogs feature currently trending fashion styles that boast all the latest styles. Intricate cotton dress embroidery, floral sequin designs, fancy beadwork, and mirror work, whatever you are looking for, you will find it all here. So next time when you have a special event to attend you can come to shop here and fulfill all your clothing requirements.

Types of cotton dress material.

When it comes to options for cotton dress material, we have a lot of choices for you to give into what your heart’s desire and wear them which makes you comfortable and happy.

  1. Pure cotton fabric
    Natural cotton also called pure cotton can withstand harsh treatment, which means it can last longer which is why everybody wants clothing made up of cotton fabric. You will recognize this fabric from the texture alone, it has a soft touch and it feels like a luxury to wear this material. Pure cotton looks best when in white or off-white color schemes which you can find in our catalog. Not enough design on the fabric, this is not a problem here as our fabric design is good enough to give a sophisticated look to anyone who wears it.

  2. Lawn cotton fabric.
    Looking for a fabric that consists of a high thread count? Lawn cotton acts as the chief fabric used for elegant garments. Used in daily wear such as suits as it is smooth and cool enough to be worn day in and day out regardless of the weather. So if you want a fabric that offers value for money, you should consider this one.

  3. Cotton silk fabric
    Cotton silk fabric is a hybrid material that is a combination of all the positive properties of cotton and silk and none of the negative features. Decorated with embroidery designs such as floral, geometric, or patterns and a range of fabric colors, this fabric is a hit amongst all women. Stylish enough to be worn at any time of the year to any type of event. Keep one of these to be prepared for any surprise event.

  4. Handloom cotton fabric
    Handloom is a traditional material made from hand spinning or hand weaving. It incorporates everything to make an outfit that is most suitable for a house puja, or a holy festival. Navratri, Raksha Bandhan, all festive wear is provided by us.

  5. Jam silk cotton fabric
    Another alternative to regular cotton is the jam silk cotton. This blend of silk and cotton gives rise to a range of products that are fit for casual and stylish events that are a vital part of every girl's life. Have you ever found yourself stuck with nothing to wear? Just grab yourself one or more of these in vibrant colors to brighten your day.

Advantages of buying from us.

  • Choose the fabric that you want to wear.
  • There is such a wide range of colours, designs, and mixed fabrics to pick from.
  • Available in custom made styles made for every occasion
  • Lowest prices with the best quality standard
  • Domestic and international shipping for all students.

When it comes to the price, do not take tension as we aim to keep our products at the lowest prices possible, you will find that we are even priced much cheaper than our competitors. Now you can get a stylish outfit without burning a hole in your pocket! Filling up your wardrobe will be easier than ever and cheaper than ever.

Payment options such as NEFT, Bank transfer, Credit/Debit cards, Western Union, and PayPal are available options that cater to everyone. Such range options are available to everyone to give a seamless online wholesale dress material shopping experience that will make you want to come back and shop with us again.

One feature that makes us different from other suppliers is that we offer quality products made using premium raw materials. No chance of receiving defective goods as every product goes through strict checks to eliminate defective goods. It will be love at first sight when you receive our products.

About supplier
Situated in the popular textile hub in Surat, Gujarat our products can be seen everywhere in this market. We are a supplier of women's textiles, and if you ever have a need for wholesale sarees, kurtis, dress material, lehenga, gown, western wear, and salwar suits, you can find it all here. The majority of our clients are present all over the world which is why we provide shipping to over 42 countries, our aim is to reach many more countries to circulate our products.